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Canada Announces 2-year Extension To Ban On Foreign Ownership Of Residential Properties

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Canadian Government has recently announced an extension of two years to the existing ban on foreign ownership of residential properties.

Gatekeepers News reports that this policy adjustment, which was revealed on Sunday, is part of a broader strategy to increase accessibility to housing for Canadians who are struggling with rising concerns over escalating prices in both urban and rural housing markets across the nation.

The extension, which moves the expiration of the ban from January 1, 2025, to January 1, 2027, highlights Canada’s commitment to utilizing every available measure to stabilize the housing market and ensure that Canadians can afford homes in their own country.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland emphasized the government’s dedication to making housing more affordable for Canadians.

She highlighted the role of foreign ownership in exacerbating the housing scarcity and inflating prices, stating that “As part of using all possible tools to make housing more affordable for Canadians, the ban on foreign ownership of Canadian housing, which is currently set to expire on January 1, 2025, will be extended to January 1, 2027”.

The housing affordability issue has become a significant concern for the Liberal administration under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Public opinion polls indicate dwindling support for Trudeau, suggesting that the housing crisis has become a pivotal issue with potential electoral implications.

Critics and supporters alike are closely monitoring the government’s response to this pressing issue, which has become a litmus test for Trudeau’s leadership and his party’s approach to national challenges.

The extension of the ban on foreign housing ownership reflects a strategic effort to curtail speculative buying that can drive up prices and exclude Canadians from the housing market.

This policy move has sparked a wide range of reactions, with some praising the government for taking bold steps to protect Canadian homeowners, and others questioning the long-term effectiveness of such measures.s questioning the long-term effectiveness of such measures.

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