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Woman Wheels Corpse Into Bank To Sign For Loan

Woman Wheels Corpse Into Bank To Sign Loan
A woman identified as Erika Vieira Nunes brought a 68-year-old man in a wheelchair into a bank branch in Brazil and tried to get him to sign for a loan, Police confirmed on Wednesday.

Gatekeepers News reports that at the bank in a Rio suburb on Tuesday, she told the teller the dead man wanted a loan for 17,000 reais ($3,250).

She held a pen and moved his hand forward to no response.

“Uncle, are you listening? You need to sign,” she said, according to the security video, suggesting she sign for him.

“He doesn’t say anything, that’s just how he is,” she said, adding, “If you’re not okay, I’m going to take you to the hospital.

Bank staff became suspicious as the man’s head kept falling back when the woman stopped holding it and they called the police, who arrested her on the spot on fraud charges. The corpse was taken to the morgue.

Her lawyer argued that the man died at the bank but a police forensic analysis determined he had died hours earlier while lying down.

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