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Enjoy Your Work, Enjoy Your Life By Lateef Sanni Adegboyega

Enjoy Your Work, Enjoy Your Life By Lateef Sanni Adegboyega

To a very large extent, we spend the majority of our life at work (at least, for the most active part of our work life). How then do you enjoy life when you’re not happy at/with your work?

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, almost everyone has become more conscious of mental health and even organizations are now particular about the mental health of their employees, putting measures to help them thrive better.

Working in an environment that gives you “peace of mind” (not complacency) is key to your mental health. Imagine waking up every morning and you’re scared of going to work – this is meant to be a place where you’re driven to go everyday, but several factors mitigate this: the fear of being laid-off abruptly due to precedence in the organization, toxic employees or senior colleagues, uncomfortable work environment, the list can go on.

I’ve been in such situations in the earlier parts of my career and I can confess to you that it’s never a safe place to be. Now I laugh about it but thinking of the mental strain it caused then, I’m grateful for now.

When your work doesn’t give you the happiness, drive and push that you need, you CAN NEVER BE PRODUCTIVE. You’d only do things as chores and you’re always waiting for the day to end so you can fly out… Oh.. I forgot to add, that’s if you’re allowed to close at your agreed closing time. Imagine having to wait for your line manager to tell you to go home when you’ve closed/changed shift but you can’t go home because your line manager has not said “so and so shift, you can leave”. Not even sure this happens in a factory; maybe it does. Lol.

While I’m never a fan of job-hoping, especially because one doesn’t want to “work” or doesn’t like “stress”, I’d never advise a person to stay in a toxic environment no matter the pay. Na who dey sane dey spend money.

I’d part with the words of one of my mentors, Dr. Fatai Olajobi: “Enjoy your work, enjoy your life”.

Have a great week.

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Lateef Sanni Adegboyega

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