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How To Get the Job You Want, Land More Interviews, Get Multiple Offers, And Increase Your Salary

How To Get the Job You Want, Land More Interviews, Get Multiple Offers, And Increase Your Salary

By Brian Golod

What if they don’t pay me what I’m truly worth?

We have all been there… happy to get a job when all of a sudden realized that our colleagues or friends worked half as hard and/or were half as qualified and made a lot more money.

So we wonder, how is it possible that some are able to advance in their careers so smoothly and get to live so much more comfortably by doing the same as us? What are we missing?

We share five tangible action items you can start doing from today to stop being frightened to negotiate, ignoring your real worth, and, most importantly, leaving money behind.

1. They want you to negotiate

They absolutely want you to negotiate… they are not just going to hand over money to you and give you their best offer so quickly; that’s just not the way the job search process works.

Sure, 1 in 100 companies give fair offers and their maximum budget, but it doesn’t happen often; we have mentored hundreds of professionals and see their negotiation tactics daily.

So why do they do this? Is it fair? You might ask. As much as we would love them to be fair, these are the ‘rules’ to play by, this is how things currently work, so we better understand it.

2. They will not pull back the offer

No, they will not pull back the offer… as long as two things happen: 1. you ‘made them fall in love’ with you, professionally speaking, of course, and 2. you know how to negotiate it.

What does it mean to ‘make them fall in love’ with you? Let’s be realistic, you are not the only candidate interviewing for the job, there might be four or nine more people, if not more.

Why would they pay you more if the next person in line could easily accept the job for the same amount they offered you? Unless you truly stood out, they are not going to pay more.

This is why it is paramount that you stand out so much so that when they are set on hiring you, there is no question of whether there is anybody else available… they must want you!

How do you stand out so much so that you can get the offer and negotiate much better conditions regardless of anyone else available? By becoming an Interview Sniper.

Do you really believe that you can continue to interview like you always have or provide answers like everyone else and have any sort of hope that they will pay you so much more?

3. Know whether you are in a position of power

Unless you understand whether you are in a position of power or not, you can certainly ruin your chances of even having a job offer after you attempt to negotiate, they can pull it back.

Wait a second… didn’t you just say right above this that they will not pull back the offer? When will they pull it back? They will do that if you are not in a position of power.

If you are employed, you are automatically in a position of power. So for those of you who happen to be employed right now, you can celebrate that you are definitely on the right track.

For those of you who happen to be unemployed, don’t worry… you can also be in a position of power, just keep reading and learn both because eventually, you will be employed again.

When you are employed, you send signals that you are desirable, this is human nature, when someone ‘has’ you, it means you are worth having, then someone else will want you, too.

How To Get the Job You Want, Land More Interviews, Get Multiple Offers, And Increase Your Salary

You can make yourself even more desirable by making yourself attractive so that recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers start reaching out to you… yes, you absolutely can!

Achieve this by following the LinkedIn Authority framework that has enabled me not to have to apply for jobs for so many years and have professionals reach out to me instead.

You can make yourself even more desirable by having multiple companies want you, you do that by following a Job-Market-Driven strategy and gathering multiple job offers, simple.

To summarize: multiple offers > they reach out to you > employed

Now, what happens if you happen to be unemployed, how can you make yourself desirable if no one is sending the signal that they want you? Believe it or not, it’s the same as above.

Sure, you will not get any immediate strength because you happen to be unemployed and no one desires you yet; however, you can always leverage the frameworks mentioned above.

Leverage the LinkedIn Authority framework to position yourself on LinkedIn, obviously, and have others take notice of your knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise.

Also, leverage the Interview Sniper framework to be able to go to any interview and walk away with the job offer, you probably think this is an exaggeration… but it’s not.

4. Understand your market value

Until you understand what your market value is, in other words, what you are worth, professionally speaking, you will always ask for too much or too little and hurt yourself.

You must understand what your knowledge, skills, experience, expertise, and education are worth in the location where you live… your location will have a major impact on this, too.

Before you ask for anything, make sure you are not going to regret it because you asked for too much and lost the job, or too little and become bitter about it after you start the job.

5. The more they like you, the easier it gets to negotiate

We can’t emphasize this enough, the more they like you, the easier it gets to negotiate. Why? Because when they like you, they will be set on working with you and only you. Period.

It doesn’t matter how much more you ask, within reason, of course, if they absolutely love you, they will not want to lose you, and they will be prepared to pay anything that’s fair.

What if they don’t have the budget to pay me what I deserve? There are ways to be able to negotiate this and we explain this step by step in Ransom Negotiator, so come and learn.

In fact, I share on a weekly basis how I went from $18,000 to $220,000 per year in salary as an immigrant with an accent and never being the most qualified candidate in the pool.

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