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PMI Orientates Organisations On Adoption Of HOPM

PMI Orientates Organisations On Adoption Of HOPM
Project Management Institute (PMI) Africa, has motivated organizations on the adoption of ‘Hybrid’ Organizational Project Management (HOPM), at its conference organised in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria.

Gatekeepers News reports that Dr Lambert Ofoegbu, foremost Certified Organizational Project Management Professional in Africa, at one of the just concluded series of roundtable discussions, empowered business organizations with the skills of how to adopt the hybrid project management approach.

PMI Orientates Organisations On Adoption Of HOPM

The HOPM reiterates the emerging awareness of ‘Agile Methodologies’ that necessitates the essence of integrating ‘Agile’ practices into the usual ‘Predictive’ methodology for managing projects.

The combination of the two veritable approaches would establish a structured interchange that lines the best fit for the two approaches positing the ‘Hybrid’ Approach.

PMI Orientates Organisations On Adoption Of HOPM

Dr Ofoegbu’s dialogues bordered on letting the participants understand the essence of organisation-wide Hybrid project management.

The delegates equally established how to assess organisations for HOPM and determined which readiness questions an assessor can ask to prepare an organisation for adopting HOPM.

The inherent versatility of adopting organisation-wide Hybrid project management is becoming more desirable, exposing the need for systematic readiness toward HOPM.

PMI Orientates Organisations On Adoption Of HOPM

The participants gained insights on the attributes of a desktop Organisational Project Management (OPM) Readiness Assessment (RA) and how best to establish a roadmap for enthroning HOPM.

Dr Ofoegbu promotes a specific interest group on HOPM. The group is working collaboratively to establish a product that would cater for organisations in the area of Hybrid Project Management.

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