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I Turned Musician Because Of My Crush – Tiwa Savage Reveals She Aspired To Be An Actress

Tiwa Savage Reveals The ‘Somebody’s Son’ Behind Her Hit Song
Tiwa Savage, the popular Nigerian musician, has shared some interesting details about her career aspirations and her venture into acting.

Gatekeepers News reports that during a recent interview with MTV Fresh Out Live, she revealed that she had originally aspired to be an actress, rather than a musician.

However, she ended up choosing music as her career path due to her infatuation with a guy who was frequently seen around musicians.

Despite this, Savage has now taken up acting, having taken classes for two months to prepare for her role in the film ‘Water and Garri’.

She also said even though acting is difficult, “it is fun to not be myself for a few weeks”.

“I have always wanted to do acting, acting was one of my first love before music. I got into music because I had a crush on a guy who was always around musicians. So I said yeah, forget acting let me just go into music,” she said.

“So this is a full circle moment for me, coming back into acting. Executive producing is like a dream for me. Acting is very difficult because you have to prepare. I had to take two months of acting classes to get into this particular role and for me, it was hard to adjust back. It is fun to not be myself for a few weeks.”

The singer also revealed she has an upcoming album which is “more RnB than Afro”.

The release date of the project was, however, not disclosed.

“I have an album coming up, it is more RnB than Afro. Well, it is mix of Afrobeats but it is definitely more RnB. I have some great collaborations on there too but I can not say them here,” she added.

Savage recently said ‘Water and Garri’, the film she produced, will be released on Prime Video in 240 countries.

The movie title originates from the singer’s 2021 EP.

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