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Why Fusion Football Championship Will Remain Best Grassroots Competition – Salau

Why Fusion Football Championship Will Remain Best Grassroot Competition - Salau

By Raymond Nwaduba

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fusion Football Championship, Rauf Abiodun Salau has provided reasons why the league will remain the flagship grassroots competition in Nigeria and even beyond.

According to the hardworking and amiable Salau, the organisers ensured that standards and high level professionalism were sustained and not sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity as the years rolled by, why also making sure that the interest of the players were put first despite the myriads of challenges they have had to grapple with and still facing.

“It’s no rocket science why we have and will continue to be the best amongst the best when grassroot tournaments are mentioned whether in Nigeria, Africa and even in the world.

Why Fusion Football Championship Will Remain Best Grassroot Competition - Salau

“Our secret is just hard work and ensuring that the right things are done, particularly as it concerns standards, professionalism and the players’ interest which we make top priority.

“Though, it hasn’t been easy given the teething challenges we’ve had to face, but we just had to stamp our feet to ensure that not anything goes”‘, he said.

The championship, which kick-started in 2019 is now in its third edition and have since grown in leaps and bounds.

Known originally as the Surulere Regional League but has since been renamed as Fusion Football Championship in 2020, when the they rebranded for effectiveness and better repositioning, Salau says the stakes are getting even higher as the league intends to frog leap to the next level.

“We just can’t but keep getting better,” says an obviously excited Salau.

“We want to remain the best, therefore we must keep improving and working our brand”, he assured.

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