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Stop Donations! MEVEF Distances Self From Khadijat Momoh – Makes Revelations

Stop Donations! MEVEF Distances Self From Khadijat Momoh - Makes Revelations
Mayasalis Entrepreneurship and Vocational Empowerment Foundation (MEVEF) has urged the general public to stop donating funds to the personal account of Khadijat Momoh who was a breast cancer patient.

Gatekeepers News reports that MEVEF had solicited funds for Khadijat’s treatment using her personal bank details for transparency sake.

While thanking everyone who contributed to the course of saving Khadijat’s life, MEVEF revealed how her family diverted the money raised for their personal use, noting that she has been declared a non-cancer patient by over sea hospital as the tumour was not cancerous contrary to the earlier medical report.

The statement personally signed by MEVEF’s President, Salmat Salisu Musah reads:

Stop Donations! MEVEF Distances Self From Khadijat Momoh - Makes Revelations

“We want to use this medium to thank Nigerians home and abroad who have assisted Khadijat Momoh on this course to defeat breast cancer. Thank you for your kindness may God protect us and our families from all forms of ailments.

We are happy to say we have recorded great success as regards this case, however, it hasn’t been easy. It has now become imperative that we disclose details of all the activities that have occurred over the last few months since MEVEF intervened in the Khadijat Momoh case.

On the 17th of March 2023, we got reports from Miss. Jemila Momoh, (elder sister to Khadijat Momoh)  of the refusal of the head oncologist of the Federal Medical Center Jabi, to provide hospital bed space for  Khadijat Momoh to be admitted for chemotherapy. We made our investigations to discover this report was false.

We have also experienced zero cooperation from the Momoh’s family. To reflect transparency to potential donors, we requested the bank statement of Khadijat Momoh (donations receiving account) from the family on the 24th of February 2023 and received it 10th of March 2023 after much hassle. Upon accessing the account, we observed a misappropriation of the funds by the family on expenses they could not logically account for, some of the transactions were confirmed by Mr Momoh to have been carried out by his daughter  Jemila Momoh (elder sister to Khadijat).

Furthermore, there has been little to no show of concern by the family for their daughter since we intervened, much less the MEVEF team. No member of our team has once received a call from Khadijat Momoh’s mother – Talatu, as regards an update on the status of our activities in seeking aid for her child. We get to hear from her father, Mr. Momoh only when we call him for minor tasks. This continued even after Khadijat left for oversea for treatment. where we have to call them every other day to give a report.

Stop Donations! MEVEF Distances Self From Khadijat Momoh - Makes Revelations

After the misappropriations of the donors’ funds at the early stages of donations, the Momoh family still went on divert more for their personal use some of which include upgrading to iPhones, furnishing and painting their living room, and khadijat sibling celebrating her birthday which made people to believe Khadijat’s case was not as serious as it appears. It was also made known that a cheque transfer from Imiegba Urualo Development Union (IUDU) was made into her father’s account, authorized by her father, which was donated for Khadijat treatment.

While all these happened, Khadijat remained stranded oversea as donations were no longer as before. Donors backed out due to their show of ingratitude and lack of accountability/transparency. We had to go to worship houses, friends and families to the NGO team members for us to care for both Khadijat and her caregiver – Mrs Habiba Musa. With her Zero financial status, we intensified our efforts, basically running from pillar to post.

Including visiting National MOSQUE and other worship centres while her family completely ignored us, in seeking aid for Khadijat last phase of treatment oversea.

It has been a very exhausting few months, however, we want to enumerate our great achievements with donors’ money;

  1. MEVEF secured an express international passport for Khadijat Momoh and two visas for Khadijat Momoh and her caregiver within a week.
  2. Through active publicity on social media platforms and the involvement of kind-hearted people, we raised a substantial amount of money though still left with debt at the oversea hospital.
  3. Successful mastectomy (removal of tumour) and plastic surgery (Reconstruction of the affected breast).
  4. Successful skin Grafting to donor site (her thighs).
  5. Declaration of Khadijat Momoh as a non-cancer patient by over sea hospital as the tumour was not cancerous contrary to an earlier medical report.

However, we still owe the hospital  $3,700.

Based on the above-mentioned, The MEVEF team draw the curtains on Khadijat Momoh’s case. We have successfully handed her and her travel documents over to her family in good health as she has been declared medically fit. We hereby distance ourselves from Khadijat Momoh and her family forthwith.

Stop Donations! MEVEF Distances Self From Khadijat Momoh - Makes Revelations

We admonish the Momoh’ family – friends, siblings, parents, relatives, and/or associates, to under no circumstances use materials owned by MEVEF to solicit funds from the general public on this medical case as this will be treated as fraud and legal actions will be taken.

We indulge the general public to CEASE donations directly into Khadijat Momoh’s bank account immediately.

Lastly, MEVEF, have come to the conclusion that henceforth, no individual account will be used for fundraising. All funds shall be remitted to the MEVEF account for proper management, accountability, and, transparency. However, the phone number of the patient and/or family will be provided for reference and verification.

In conclusion, we want to thank all kind-hearted Nigerians that in one way or another supported and facilitated the success of Khadijat Momoh’s treatment oversea.  This  would not have been possible without your joint effort.”


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