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Nine Things To Know About Sweden S*x Competition

Sweden has officially declared s*x as a sport and finalised arrangements to launch its maiden s*x tournament on Thursday, June 8.

Gatekeepers News reports that according to Swedish local media, a panel of judges will select the winners of the s*x competition, and the audience will also share opinions and analyses on the choices.

Here are things to know about the s*x competition

1. The competition will hold for six weeks under the Swedish S*x Federation’s guidance.

2. The competition has three levels, and in order to advance to the next level, the contestant must obtain a certain minimum number of points at each one.

3. The participants would engage in s*xual activities under 16 disciplines which include seduction, oral s*x, penetration, endurance, body massages, foreplay, exploring erotic zones, and more.

4. The audience will watch the s*x competitions and will take note of various features of the s*xual activity.

5. The contestants in the European S*x Championship will compete in demanding six-hour sessions each day, with individual matches lasting 45 to 60 minutes.

6. 20 people from different countries would participate in the competition.

7. A panel of three judges will decide the championship winners, while the audience will also influence the decision of the s*x

8. Contestants will be judged on several aspects of the s*xual activity. The final decision will depend on several factors, like the chemistry between the couple, knowledge about s*x, endurance level, etc.

9. A couple with the knowledge of ‘Kamasutra’ (the ancient Indian scripture on s*x and eroticism) would receive bonus points and the championship would encourage people from different s*xual orientations to participate.

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