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DNA Fraud: I Dated My Half-Brother In High School — It’s Not My Fault 

Victoria Hill, 39, recently uncovered a disturbing truth about her past: she unknowingly dated her half-brother in high school.

Gatekeepers News reports that this revelation came to light after discovering that her mother had been wrongfully inseminated by fertility doctor Burton Caldwell allegedly without consent.

Hill’s journey to this discovery began when she bravely shared her story with close friends — including her former partner in unwitting incest — the whole, sordid story, the unnamed man, whose own mother had allegedly been treated by Caldwell, took a DNA test.

“You are my sister,” he wrote to Hill.

According to CNN, the shock and trauma of this revelation are shared by at least 22 other children fathered by Caldwell, all unaware of their true heritage.


Burton Caldwell


“I was traumatised by this,” Hill told CNN. “Now I’m looking at pictures of people thinking, well, if he could be my sibling, anybody could be my sibling.”

“This was the first time where we’ve had a confirmed case of someone actually dating, someone being intimate with someone who was their half-sibling,” Indiana University law professor and fertility fraud expert Jody Madeira told CNN.

The lack of legal safeguards against fertility fraud in the US has been a significant hurdle for victims like Janine Pierson, another of Caldwell’s biological children, who is seeking justice through the legal system.

Pierson recalls Caldwell’s unsettling curiosity about her lineage and achievements, showing a lack of remorse for his actions.

“It shouldn’t just be, you know, the Wild West where these doctors can just do whatever it is that they want,” she said.

“He was not in any way apologetic,” she said, adding Caldwell admitted he “never gave it the thought that he should have … that there would be so many [children], and that it would have any kind of an impact on us.”

“One thing that really has always bothered me is that he asked me how many grandchildren he had,” she said.

“And he was very curious about my scholastic achievements and what I made of myself. … Like how intelligent I was, basically.”

Despite the trauma inflicted by Caldwell’s actions, modern DNA testing sites like 23andme are helping victims uncover the truth and put an end to fertility fraud.

While the majority of these cases occurred before 2000, advancements in technology are making it increasingly difficult for such practices to continue.

Victoria Hill’s story is a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and consent in reproductive medicine, and the need for stronger legal protections against fertility fraud.

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