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‘Our Sleep-Deprived Leader Has No Good Result To Show’ – Atiku’s Ex-Aide Taunts Ngelale

Phrank Shaibu, a former aide to Vice President Atiku Abubakar, has mocked President Bola Tinubu’s work habits, calling them “insomniac dedication” without significant results to show for it.

Gatekeepers News reports that Shaibu’s comments came in response to a statement by Tinubu’s special adviser on media and publicity, Ajuri Ngelale, who praised the President’s hard work and commitment to Nigeria.

In a chat with on-air personality, Chude Jideonwo, Ngelale described Tinubu as a workaholic dedicated to building a progressive and advanced country.

He said, “I’m saying hang in there because I can see an end to this. I’m working with a man who I can personally vouch for because he’s going to bed at 2 am to 3 am every night, including Sundays.

“He [Tinubu] wakes up at 7 am to 8 am every morning including Sundays. Opening his files, working into the late nights when no one is there to say anything good or bad about him. He is doing the work.

“He is a workaholic, and he is doing it all to build a country that is reflective of a progressive and advanced country that he has envisioned, amen way he did in Lagos.

“I’m asking Nigerians to support the president, he means well.”

In a scathing retort on his X account, Shaibu questioned the effectiveness of Tinubu’s efforts, suggesting that despite his purported sleepless nights, there has been little positive impact on the country.

Shaibu wrote, “Ah, what a noble sacrifice indeed! @officialABAT , the tireless beacon of diligence, burning the midnight oil until the wee hours of 2 am, only to rise like a phoenix from the ashes at the ungodly hour of 7 am.

“Truly, a modern-day martyr for the cause of Nigerian governance! Why, with such Herculean efforts, one can only imagine the monumental achievements awaiting the nation at the hands of our sleep-deprived leader.

“Let us all bow in awe and admiration at the altar of @officialABAT insomniac dedication to the greater good of Nigeria!”

Shaibu has been a vocal critic of Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress (APC).

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