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Kogi State Media Consultant- Otori Ozigi Announces Separation From Wife

Media Consultant and Public Relations Expert of Kogi State extraction, Otori Ozigi has made public separation from his wife.

Gatekeepers News reports that the couples were married for thirty-seven (37) years.

The indigene of Kogi state who is quite popular in Abuja and Kogi state media circuits made the announcement through a Public Notice on Social Media.

According to Ozigi, their union which is blessed with four children who are graduates ended due to “Emerging irreconcilable differences after 37 years conjugal bliss.”

The 61 year old journalist and public relations consultant added , “On the whole, my motive is for a public cry for help and soothing balm so that I can begin the process of healing from years of abuse and criminal sexual neglect and emotional denial.”

However, the public Relations consultant, in another notice , revealed he is willing to take the wife back from compulsory sabbatical leave.

His estranged wife and daughters, whom he accused of complicity in the Marital crisis are yet to react to the public Notice.

The Public notice written by the heartbroken media cnsultant goes “This is the last picture together as husband and wife.”

“This beautiful couple is separating with immediate effect due to emerging irreconcilable difference after 37 years conjugal bliss.”

“Indeed, life is a mystery and a jigsaw puzzle.”

“I wish her good tidings and long life and prosperity.”

“The devil is tirelessly working 24hrs round the clock.”

“I gave the devil a good fight with everything at my disposal.”

“Please I’m single again but not available.”

“I have decided to live a happy but lonely life.”

“Please pray for me.”

“I will miss her so much.”

“She was the love of my life.”

“She was my sunshine.”

“Let me cry a river.”

“I’m hale and ❤️ hearty.”

“Our union is blessed with 4 graduates who are all gainfully employed in reputable organizations.”

“She is free to go with them if that is their wishes.”

“A man without biological children still gets a befitting and decent burial.”

“Thank God I have touched beautiful lives who would be too willing to give me a decent burial when I joined my ancestors at God appointed time.”

“Who cares anyway!”

“The dead is not even aware of what happens after answering the final call.”

“Never marry one wife,if you have the money.”

“Please be wise. “

Subsequently after the notice generated mixed reactions from the public, Ozigi then provided further clarification on the breakdown of the Union and his readiness for reconciliation

Ozigi wrote, “My last words on our separation saga:”

“I will love to deeply thank all those who deemed it necessary to add their voices to this my private palaver, now in public court for your verdicts.”

“I’m deeply grateful for your kind words and honest contributions.”

“On the whole, my motive is for a public cry for help and soothing balm so that I can begin the process of healing from years of abuse and criminal sexual neglect and emotional denial from my wife and my lovely daughters that are adding salt to injury.”

“All the people who are acquainted with my small family know how I love my family with a flowing passion and fatherly care.”

“I was always there for them.
I guess too much love and affection breeds contempt and disrespect.”

“I will try and forgive my one and lovely wife and the wonderful kids.”

“They meant the world to me now and always.”

“But I will now draw the line going forward.”

“My daughters especially Mrs Clement and Mrs Chris are forever my queens.”

“But they should show more love and care for me, going forward.
I’m not saying they are not trying but they can do better.”

“A rich man can still crave for good perfume and a nice designer suit.”

“Because of my large heart of love, I will quickly reconcile the irreversible.”

“Thank you all for bringing me back from the brink of emotional depression and physical therapy.”

“I have healed totally.”

“I’m medically fit. Sound mind and sound pocket.”

“Please usher my beautiful wife back from compulsory sabbatical leave.”

“Satan is a bastard.”

“I love my family die.”


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