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‘I Still Receive Salaries As A Civil Servant In Nigeria’ – UK Cab Driver Reveals

'I Still Receive Salaries As A Civil Servant In Nigeria' - UK Cab Driver Reveals
Nigerian civil servant, Sabitu Adams, has disclosed that he receives a monthly salary from the Nigerian government despite relocating to the UK two years ago and working as a taxi driver.

Gatekeepers News reports that Adams, whose name was changed by the BBC to protect his identity, remains on the payroll of a Government agency back home, making him one of the thousands of ghost workers in the Nigerian civil service.

When asked about President Bola Tinubu’s recent directive to refund salaries and punish supervisors and department heads aiding the fraud, Adams expressed unconcern.

“When I heard about the president’s directive, I smiled because I know I am doing better here – and not worried,” the 36-year-old said.

Adams revealed that he has an arrangement with his boss in Nigeria, a relative, who allowed him to leave without resigning.

“I had a good understanding with my boss, and he just let me leave,” he said.

Adams believes he can return to his job in Nigeria after a few years, hence his decision not to resign.

Despite the presidential order, Adams is unfazed, stating that his earnings as a taxi driver in the UK surpass his Nigerian salary. His case highlights the pervasive issue of ghost workers in Nigeria, with little action taken against those involved.

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