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Nigerian To Break Guinness World Record For Largest Drawing By An Individual

A Nigerian medical doctor and visual and hyper-realism artist, Fola David has revealed that he tends to break a Guinness World Record for largest drawing by an individual.

Gatekeepers News reports that the drawing, titled “Unity in Diversity,” will depict a map of Nigeria, showcasing its diverse cultures across a huge 850-square-meter canvas.

The drawing marathon will be done for six days, from July 16th to July 21st at Lagos’ Onikan Stadium, in an attempt to surpass the record for largest drawing by an individual which is currently held by an Indian, Ravi Soni, with a drawing of 629.98 m² (6781.04 ft²).

The aspiring record breaker said, “I am doing this drawing not only as a reflection of our cultural identities but also as a medium for building understanding and unity among diverse Nigerian tribes thereby promoting peaceful coexistence in my country.”

He added that the drawing title is “Unity in Diversity” and the theme is love and peace which are vital components to our development as a nation,”

Fola continued, “This project was built around the celebration of our multicultural heritage and the knowledge that the growth, development and ultimate survival of our great nation will be determined by the willingness and conscious efforts of the Nigerian people to live together in peace and harmony irrespective of their ethnic background.”

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