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It Is Now Or Never, Prepare For Home Emergency By Waliu Adegoke

It Is Now Or Never, Prepare For Home Emergency By Waliu Adegoke

Recently, the sad news of the woman who died after a venomous snake bit her as she sat on the toilet has gone viral. Some of the preventive measures for this sad incident includes ensuring that doors and windows to the bathroom and toilet are always closed to prevent rodents infestation in your home, clearing all surrounding home bushes, regular fumigation of the toilet sink, keeping the toilet lid closed and always checking your toilets sinks before seating on it. this applies to public toilets too especially in the dark.

But aside from this recent news, the fact of the matter is that not one person knows just exactly are the specific problems that could eventually result during a major and overall emergency.  The best thing one could possibly do is make himself prepare for anything that could happen.  The following are some of the tips, advice and recommendation in order to amply prepare for an emergency.

1. Check your shoes properly before putting them on.
Records have shown that small snakes do hide in shoes. another time, it can be a scorpion. Dust your shoes properly before putting them on. it takes less than 5 secs. Also while putting on your shoes, endeavour to be in a squatting position while putting on your shoes for ergonomic purposes.

2. Water is life, life is water.
As much as possible, try to keep an extra water supply of one gallon or five litres for every person each day and one that would be enough to go on for up to three to seven days. Water should be kept in containers made of plastic.  Also, make sure that you also have filters and tablets for the purposes of purification ready and available when needed.

3. Store food for you and your family.
Food that is not as easily perishable should be stored for you and your family, and such foods must be enough to last you, your family, as well as your pets, for three days up until one week.  Examples of such foods are canned goods, powdered juices, boxed vegetables and food.

4. Have an alternative.
It is always a wise idea to have a cooking source that could serve as an alternative besides the usual cooking stove you may be used to. However, if you are to utilize cooking gas, ensure that all safety measures are followed. visit our YouTube channel to learn more.

5. Have a light
A flashlight is an item that you simply could not do without especially during emergencies.  Try to consider having enough rechargeable lamps at home and have locations where they are placed and everyone at home is aware of it. Regularly ensure that they are fully charged.

6. Have cash and some gas.
E-transactions are good unless there is an emergency. Try to keep ready cash just in case the ATMs fail or the system of your bank is not working. most of us have experienced this several times. Also, it is best if you keep the gas tank of your car half full. This is so to avoid the long lines in gas stations. Also, there may be a sudden need to make use of the car during emergencies.

7. Know thy neighbour.
It is also better if you acquaint yourself with the neighbours in the apartment and your area. There could be instances wherein you may need each other’s help.

All in all, preparation is always the best cure against any unexpected circumstance that an emergency might bring.

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Waliu Adegoke is a health and safety consultant.

Gatekeepers News is not liable for opinions expressed in this article, they’re strictly the writer’s

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