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365 Days: This Day – See All The Songs Featured In Netflix Movie Soundtrack

Steamy scenes, disjointed storyline, excellent cinematography, confusing plot; and lest we forget the most important for this purpose, great songs can all be found on the sequel of Netflix’s 365 Days, 365 Days: This Day.

The second motion picture of the Polish erotic thriller trilogy by Blanka Lipinska is hard from polished in terms of all-round quality but the songs on it are nowhere near bad. Fans of the movie say they’re great!


Laura (Anna-Maria Siekluka) and Massimo (Michel Morrone) opened the movie with a shot of adrenaline, and some music to accompany viewers. While the marriage failed to last as Massimo’s ‘gardener’, Nacho(Simone Sussina) made an entrance into the story, he maintains the romantic energy and makes every song count in the process.

The songs tried to project the story being told and enliven the many erotic scenes in the movie.

The movie has had its critics and supporters but there’s a unifying point in both groups’ arguments and it’s the consensus on how good the songs are.

We’ve taken a look at some of the songs there and you may find them appealing. They come in different genres and lyrics but ultimately are pleasing to the viewing, or listening audience.


See the songs on 365 Days: This Day below;

  • 365 Days” by EMO & Marissa
  • “My Girl” by Oskar Cyms
  • “Mi Amor” by J.J. Abel feat. Carla Fernandes
  • “If U Like That” by Marissa
  • “Don’t Mess With My Mind” by EMO
  • “Nothing To Lose” by Marien
  • “You Were In Love” by bryska
  • “All I Want Is You for Christmas” by The Fun Machine
  • “XMAS” by Ian Scott
  • “Promises” by EMO
  • “Trouble Maker” by Marien
  • “Secrets” by Natalia Krakowiak
  • “Give Me Some Love” by TYNSKY
  • “Good To Me” by EMO
  • “Winter Summer” by Jhn McFly & TYNSKY
  • “Dos Horas” by J.J. Abel, Daniel Rondon & Kuinvi
  • “By Your Side” by Marissa
  • “SHOW ME” by Ian Scott
  • “Never Again” by Tommy Docherty
  • “The Calling (EPIX Remix)” by The Rigs
  • “Como + Nadia” by MYA, LIT killah & Rusherking
  • “The End” by EMO
  • “Another Day” by Michele Morrone

These songs tell different tales of love, emotions, moments and heartbreak. From a high pitch of adrenaline shots and romantic energy in the movie’s soundtrack by EMO and Marissa, it falls flat at “The End” by EMO.

There’ll be another day as heard in Michele Morrone’s song as the trilogy’s third and final part will soon be released by Netflix.


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