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Lunar New Year Massacre Sparked By Fallout Between Husband And Wife – Local Leader

Lunar New Year Massacre Sparked By Fallout Between Husband And Wife - Local Leader
Lunar New Year massacre in Monterey Park, California which left 10 dead and 10 others injured, may have been the result of a domestic dispute between a husband and wife, a local business leader has claimed.

Gatekeepers News reports that the Head of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles, Chester Chong, told a local ABC7 outlet he believes the massacre was not a hate crime, but rather an instance of domestic unrest taken to the extreme.

He said he believes the shooting was caused because of hatred between a ‘wife and husband,’ and that it was a ‘personal case’ taken to horrific ends.

On Sunday morning, law enforcement in California said the suspect who shot up the Star Ballroom dance club has been described as an ‘Asian man,’ and that it remains unclear if the suspect is linked to another shooting two miles down the road.

The update arrived as a desperate manhunt remains underway by law enforcement in the Los Angeles area after the gunman opened fire about an hour after a local Lunar New Year celebration.

Horrifying pictures showed victims being stretched from the scene before being rushed to hospital as cops and ambulances swarmed the area.

Cops said throngs of terrified festivalgoers streamed out of the area ‘screaming’ as bullets continued to fly.

Monterey Park cancelled the Lunar New Year events that were scheduled to take place on Sunday near and around the dance hall.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said that the 10 victims who were injured but not pronounced dead at the scene, were left in stable to critical condition.

Luna said that members of his force are searching fervently for the suspect: ‘I see it in their eyes. They want to go get this guy, and they’re going to.’

He added that it remains unclear if the massacre at the ballroom was connected with a second shooting that occurred two miles down the road in the minutes after the first shooting.

The second shooting occurred at Lai Lai Ballroom in nearby Alhambra. No one was killed but the studio is, however, closed until further notice.

Luna added that the department does not believe the suspect was using an assault-style weapon, as was previously reported.

Scott Wiese, the Monterey Park Police Chief said that, while it is now safe to attend Lunar New Year celebrations in other parts of the community, the investigation that was launched today is large and ‘will go on for many days and perhaps many months.’

Wiese said law enforcement is looking for information from the community and hope members will work closely with law enforcement as the search continues.

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