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Netizens Ask Jaiz Bank To Sue Tweep Over ‘Tithe Before Loan’ Claim

Netizens Ask Jaiz Bank To Sue Tweep Over ‘Tithe Before Loan’ Claim

Netizens have taken to the microblogging platform, Twitter, to appeal to Jaiz Bank, an Islamic financial institution, to take legal action against a tweep over the malicious allegations.

Gatekeepers News reports that the issue started when a Twitter user praised Jaiz bank and Lotus bank (both Islamic banks) for constantly loading their ATMs at Ikoyi and Victoria Island branches with the new Naira notes.

In his response, David Ayodeji J. (@obadafidii) on Sunday, claimed that Jaiz Bank demanded Christians to ‘commit their tithes’ to the institution ‘as a condition to get loan’.

David’s tweet has been deleted after being faulted by Netizens who asked him to provide proof of his claim and vowed to also drag him to court even if Jaiz bank is not ready to take any action.

Netizens Ask Jaiz Bank To Sue Tweep Over ‘Tithe Before Loan’ Claim

“Dear @obadafidii earlier today in a now-deleted tweet, you accused @JaizBankNG of ‘asking Christians to commit their tithes’.
Spreading such falsehood against an institution which was built according to the principles guiding a particular Religion, is beyond shocking,” a Twitter user, Qalam Samantha Sameera (nawti_smo_chic) said.

Qalam further noted that he would send an official mail to Jaiz bank to ensure David is invited by the Police to prove his allegations.

“The law is trite that he who alleges most prove, you have made an allegation which directly affects me as a Muslim, if @JaizBankNG doesn’t take this up. iPersonally will seek redress before the court. Deleting your tweet won’t save you.

“DAVID JAIYEOLA AYODEJI, you are the Co-founder, CIO/Group HR of @errand360HQ.
So you know the damage as a business owner what spreading falsehood of any kind against a business can do, more so one spread against religious lines yet you went ahead to make such malicious statement.

In an update on Monday, Qalam said “today i had a meeting with very amazing heads of departments of @JaizBankNG and I have been assured this will be looked into, because your accusation @obadafidii is False and I can say was made with malicious intent. Whatever you intended to achieve Sir. You have Failed.”

Qalam was backed by both Muslims and Christians who vowed to follow the matter till the end.

“I would gladly support you on this case if it is to teach clout chasers a lesson. These are the same set of miscreants that gives their pastors unverifed lies against the govt. I am a christian if they want to call this persecution he must learn his lesson,” another Twitter user said.

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