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Frank Tietie At 50: Golden Garlands For An Unstoppable Legal Luminary

Frank Tietie At 50: Golden Garlands For An Unstoppable Legal Luminary

The law profession is generally referred to as the noble profession mostly because people who practice it conduct themselves accordingly. Frank Tietie is one of the legal practitioners who embody the nobility of the profession. People like him surely deserve to be celebrated at every given opportunity.

Tietie, who is the Executive Director of Citizens Advocacy for Social & Economic Rights (CASER), clocked the golden age of 50 today, March 17, 2023. This moment provides a great opportunity to celebrate an accomplished Nigerian with an inspiring story.

Tietie, an activist promoting human rights and better living standards for citizens of Nigeria, is an experienced lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in international human rights, international humanitarian law, Strong legal professional.

He holds a Bachelor of Law and Post Graduate Diploma in International Humanitarian Law from University of Benin and Nasarawa State University, respectively.

Tietie’s life took an autopilot mode when he discovered that love is the greatest power. This realisation has motivated him to take up noble causes that help others.

He is blessed with a memory that captures events as far back as 1974 when his mother was living alone with him and his siblings in the mud house.

The mud house served as the Headmistress’ Quarters in the vast unfenced compound of Agbarho Model Primary School in Agbarho, near Warri, Delta State. They were never harmed and had no fear living in that vastness even in the night.

Tietie narrated that despite being from Ughelli, “the Agbarho people loved us dearly because of my mother who devotedly taught their children.”

The celebrant came out shining from his bright days at Unity School Agbarho and Government College Ughelli and the topsy-turvy times at University of Benin. Despite the wonder of feeling so alone and without direction or hope in Abuja, he was able to make a way for himself, thanks to his tenacity and determination.

Tietie always comes to the conclusion that “no matter its turns, in the midst of highs and lows, success and failure, the Almighty God is in control and He will complete the good work He has begun in every life for destiny must be fulfilled. God loves us all but I don’t know why it appears that God loves some people so greatly. In all, His faithfulness to His promises is matchless in description.”

For Tietie, the year 1978 yet looks so much like yesterday, when Henry Tietie gave him a box of matches to aid counting during his first primary school examination in Primary 1D along his classmates like Otuoagoma Jackson and Okiemute Durie with Mr Ukale as their teacher while Mrs Cecelia Tietie held the morning assembly sessions.

Tietie, while recalling all these and many, many more, wonders if he would ever grow old but right now, “I am just feeling thankful,” he said.

For Tietie, The next dimension beckons and we shall realise soon that “this is just a passing phase for all of us and that we all need one another to fulfill destiny and ultimately transcend to live eternally, above and beyond.”

Fifty garlands for the legal luminary!

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