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Cost Of Cooking Gas Reduces In Nigeria

Price Of Cooking Gas Rises By 7.10% In March – NBS

The cost of liquefied petroleum gas, otherwise known as cooking gas, appears to be on a downward spiral lately.

Gatekeepers News reports that the average cost of 1 kilogramme of cooking gas is now around N1,000 or below, depending on the location and the seller.

Between February and March, the price of LPG rose to around N1,300 and above in some locations.

The cost of filling 12.5kg was N16,500 in April and May.

But checks by Gatekeepers As of June revealed that the average price of cooking gas per kg in Nigeria is between ₦900 to N1,000.

This means that if you want to refill a 12.5kg gas cylinder, you will need to pay ₦11,250 on average.

However, this price is not uniform across the country and may differ from one filling station to another.

The price of cooking gas in Nigeria is not fixed and varies depending on several factors such as demand, supply, location, and season.

In February, the National Bureau of Statistics said the price of 12.5kg of LPG increased by 46.88 per cent in one year.

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