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Man Stabbed Teacher 40 Times In S*xually Motivated Attack

Burglar Who Left Pensioner To Die Jailed

Zbigniew Soj has stabbed Hungarian Borbala ‘Bori’ Benko 40 times in her own flat.

Gatekeepers News reports that Soj, a vodka-fuelled knifeman stabbed stabbed Benko was a ‘brilliant’ teacher in a sexually-motivated attack.

He, thereafter, left her naked and mutilated body in her flat and later stabbed another young woman in a separate bedroom.

The 24-year-old has been jailed for life with a minimum of 31 years behind bars.

Polish-born Soj had been drinking beer and vodka, before entering both his victim’s bedrooms with the intent of killing them both as they slept, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Although Benko died, Klaudia Rogozinka, 21, survived the night time attack at the Christian accommodation Discovery Centre, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, on 21 November, last year.

Klaudia managed to fight off Soj despite suffering nine stab wounds and phoned 999 for an ambulance, fearing she was going to die.

Judge Jonathan Rose described her courage as ‘remarkable’.

Before launching the attacks, Soj had been drinking heavily whilst watching a horror movie in his basement flat in the Discovery Centre.

He pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder after telling a doctor he was ‘curious about ending someone’s life’ after he went on the rampage.

The twisted killer told a psychiatrist that he had contemplated suicide but then felt energised and confessed he felt ‘a very intrusive thought to end someone’s life’.

Soj said, “It was curiosity or jealousy trying to find out what it means to kill someone. I didn’t feel anything. I had no thought of the consequences or morality. I was incredibly determined to do it.

“I had a feeling I was going to kill more than one person.”

Judge Rose said Soj derived sexual pleasure from the depraved and violent attack and there were multiple stab wounds to Bori’s breasts and genital area.

Krisztina said she can’t shake the last moments of her daughter’s life to of her head.

The mother added: ‘Did she know this was the end, did she call for us, did she cry, was she screaming? Did she call on God?

Soj’s Counsel, Richard Wright QC said his client had committed a ‘wicked offence’ for which he is sorry, and ‘he snuffed out a brilliant and aspiring young life.’

Detective chief inspector Vanessa Rolfe said, “This is a horrific and spontaneous attack on two young women as they slept in their own home.

“Soj was someone who they trusted and no-one could have ever predicted he would do this.

“Bori had her whole life ahead of her and this was cruelly taken away by Soji.

“I welcome Soj’s guilty plea and sparing Klaudia and Bori’s family to have to go through a trial.

“I hope that Bori’s family and Klaudia find comfort and justice in today’s sentence.

“It’s positive news to see that Klaudia is recovering from her injuries and is now trying to move forward with her life.”

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