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How My Father Picked Stepmother Over Me – Charles Inojie

Nollywood actor, Charles Inojie, has shared a story of his upbringing, revealing how his father chose his stepmother over him and left him to fend for himself.

Gatekeepers News reports that in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo shared on Friday, Inojie said that he lived with his father for only eight months, highlighting the tension that arose when his stepmother demanded a choice between her and him.

Speaking in pidgin English, Inojie recounts the emotional impact of the situation, stating,

“Since dem born me till today, I’ve only lived with my father for only eight months, say pikin and papa live together.

“We got to a point where she asked that my father should make a choice between her and Baba no go leave the woman wey dey lash am, give am everything, go choose one boy wey we no know whether he go become person for life.”

The actor also reflected on the day he met his mother for the first time, expressing a lack of panic due to his previous life experiences.

“The day I was to meet my mother for the first time, that time I don too see so nothing dey panic me again. I have been on the street for how long.

“So one of my uncles called me. So I went there, when I entered, one woman dey there, everybody quiet, nobody is talking.

“The next thing I see the woman dey clean tears, I talk say be like say na my mama be that.”

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