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Manchester Airport Faces Widespread Flight Cancellations After Power Cut

Manchester Airport on Sunday morning, delayed its passengers due to a massive power cut.

Gatekeepers News reports that the situation which affected Terminals 1 and 2, was caused by a power supply issue in its vicinity.

The Airport officials who warned travellers that baggage might not always be on flights also added to the chaos.

Although power has since been restored, its impact on flight schedules persists.

The airport’s live tracker reveals that many flights are set to depart later than scheduled, and a lot of cancellations were reported.

Subsequently, travellers are advised to check their flight status before heading to the airport, as operations gradually return to normal.

Travellers due to fly from Terminal 3 are told to go to the airport as normal, unless advised otherwise by their airline, but could be affected by delays.

Footage posted on social media shows a large number of people waiting for updates on their flights at the terminals.

A spokesperson for Manchester Airport said,” A significant number of flights today are likely to be cancelled.”

“The advice is for passengers expecting to travel today not to come to the airport without having checked with their airline first.”

In addition, Manchester Airport has been updating its instructions since Sunday morning.

An updated statement goes: “We are working to get passengers already at the airport onto their flight.”

“The disruption caused by the outage means in some instances that baggage may not be on those flights.”

“We will work with airlines to make sure passengers are reunited with baggage that is not on their flight as soon as possible.”

However, a lot of passengers are angry at the situation and have been making their displeasure known on social media.

One of them, Katie Phillips tweeted: “Power cut at  Manchester Airport T2 & T3 landed at all been brought to T1 baggage thrown on any carousel no communication at all prams just left on the floor without being told. TUI reps didn’t have a clue what was happening. Good luck everyone!”

Another, Chris Shaw on Twitter called the scenes “utter chaos”.

Joe also posted, “Power cut across all 3 terminals today at Manchester Airport. Not a clue what’s going to happen to all flights.”

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